'Ultramarine and swirling spray.' A Short Singapore

'Ultramarine and swirling spray.' A Short Singapore

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A greetings card. 8 x 6 inches.

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It is August 1935 with an ultramarine sky leaving a summer haze over Appledore as the four Kestrel engines send the Short Singapore surging forward leaving a wake of swirling spray as it lifts onto the step. As the aircraft accelerates to flying speed the rattle of the waves on the hull will ease and the large biplane will skim above the waters of the river Torridge, leaving behind a vivid memory in the minds of the people who watched from the boats and the shore.

The inspiration for this painting came when I was painting another picture of Appledore and was told by Jim Penter that he remembered, when he was a lad, the great excitement when the flying boat had landed on the river.

The aircraft was based at RAF Mountbatten in Plymouth but had been unable to land as fog had drifted in over Plymouth Sound. The captain had therefore taken the decision to divert to the north of the county where the weather was clear and sunny.