Troys Racing at Fowey . 'Fowey, A Lively Day.'

Troys Racing at Fowey . 'Fowey, A Lively Day.'

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A limited edition giclee print of 495. 21.5 x 14 inches approximately

It is a lively sail on the Fowey estuary as the three Troys battle it out with Square Sail's Barque the ‘Earl of Pembroke’ setting sail in the main channel as she approaches the Royal Fowey Yacht club. Nearest the buoys in the foreground is the Troy Janet taking green water along her side decks. She was built in 1930 and is now owned and beautifully maintained by the boat builder Marcus Lewis.

The Earl of Pembroke was built in Sweden in 1948 as the Orion and traded timber in the Baltic and on British east coast. In 1979 she was bought by Square Sail, her current owner.  In 1994 she was commissioned as a magnificent three masted Barque. She has taken pride of place in many films and can be regularly seen on passage around the UK and overseas.

 Troys are 18ft long with a 30ft tall mast, nearly 300sq ft of sail and 16cwt of lead keel bolted externally to prevent them capsizing. In 1928 Archie Watty designed and built the first Troy especially for Fowey Harbour, with their tall rigs to catch any zephyrs of wind amongst the surrounding hills. There have been 27 boats built over the years, 24 of which survive.