The Kathleen and May off Appledore. 'Under Full Sail.'

The Kathleen and May off Appledore. 'Under Full Sail.'

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A limited edition giclee print of 495. 22.5 x 14.5 inches approximately.

In my painting Kathleen and May is sailing hard off Appledore Quay. Her yards are braced round as she hardens up to run past Irsha towards Bideford Bar and the open sea. 

The Kathleen and May was built in 1900 at Connah's Quay near Chester. In 1931 Appledore in North Devon became her home port and for the next thirty years she was owned by William Jewell and his son Tommy who traded cargoes to the ports of Wales, Ireland and England.

In 1998 Steve Clarke OBE saved her for the nation when she underwent an extensive refurbishment. She continued sailing from Bideford until 2011 when she left for Liverpool. She is now berthed near the maritime museum, and still heads for the open sea as the last remaining wooden hull three masted topsail schooner.