Tanker the Yuri Senkivitch and Ice Breakers off the Sakhalin Islands.

Tanker the Yuri Senkivitch and Ice Breakers off the Sakhalin Islands.

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A limited edition giclee print of 495. 21.5 x 14 inches approximately.

 The 'Yuri Senkevitch' is in ballast as she slowly approaches the oil terminal gantry through the pack ice. The ex-Soviet ice breakers Krasin and Admiral Makarov have forced aside the ice to form a seaway through which the tanker can pass.

 In 2006 I was commissioned by Exxon to paint  her sister ship the oil tanker Pavel Chernysh for her commissioning ceremony at the Hyundai shipyard in South Korea. Both ships have reinforced hulls to withstand the crush of ice as they were designed to operate from the Sakhalin oilfield off the east coast of Russia. Although at a similar latitude as Great Britain, pack ice forms on the sea every winter.

The Exxon executive wrote after the ceremony: "The real highlight for me was the reaction of the audience when your painting was presented. Clearly the guests were aware that we were presenting some form of picture as the rear of the frame was evident, but the sheer gasp of amazement when I turned it round to present was truly amazing and so uplifting. Thank you so very much." 

Following the success of this painting I was commissioned to paint two more paintings; One for the commissioning ceremony of her sister ship the 'Yuri Senkevitch', and the other was from the chairman of the shipping line Primorsk who commissioned a further painting of the Pavel Chernysh.