Stratton, 'Tanner's Cottage'

Stratton, 'Tanner's Cottage'

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An open edition giclee. 21.5 x 14.5 inches approximately.

I painted this scene on a bridge in Stratton, near Bude. Painting this was a challenge as there is no pavement on the side of the road with the artistic view, so my easel, golden retriever and I had to stand in the road. The road is a busy one and people became more interested the more the painting developed. Cars, lorries and passers-by all stopped to see the latest development and have a chat.

A few weeks later I was talking to a local policeman and mentioned I had been painting in Stratton. The policeman immediately said "so you were the ..... idiot who caused all the traffic jams" I had to confess I was!

In the past Stratton was the main centre - but Bude has now outgrown it. One of the cottages in the painting used to be owned by the local tanner who worked from home, so the smell must have been interesting!