Port Isaac. 'Horray, toasted crumpets for tea!'

Port Isaac. 'Horray, toasted crumpets for tea!'

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A limited edition giclee print of 495. 16 x 12 inches approximately.

A mother and daughter are returning home to the warmth of an open fire as the winter's evening approaches. They have been to the village shop and there is great excitement as they splash through the puddles because they will be having toasted crumpets for tea.

I painted this scene of Port Isaac in February as Atlantic squalls swept in. As the sky darkened the cottage lights came on leaving their reflections on the rain soaked lane. 

As a professional artist one has to paint whatever the weather, come rain or storm. I have a very large umbrella which I strap to me easel and then I lash everything down with guy ropes. Oil paint takes days to dry so that on a windy day the surface of the painting often becomes covered in fine sand and, in the summer, in midges - truly organic paintings!