'Morning arrival Lundy.' The Oldenburg

'Morning arrival Lundy.' The Oldenburg

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A limited edition lithographic print of 850.

The Lundy supply vessel "Oldenburg" has just arrived off the landing beach. She will anchor in the bay so that the passengers and freight can be ferried ashore to the beach. There is a jetty now but when I painted this it had not been built.

I was kindly loaned the coble in the foreground for the day, but it was too deep for me to anchor so I drew the initial full size sketch while steering around in circles - which was very tricky!

My fellow passengers on the voyage were the vicar of Lundy, a taxi driver who had won his voyage on a raffle ticket, and a Sunday Times reporter. He wrote a most amusing article about a taxi driver, an artist and the vicar on the isolated isle in the Atlantic.