'Making Sail'. The Kathleen and May.

'Making Sail'. The Kathleen and May.

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A greetings card. 8 x 6 inches approximately.

Each card is £2. Sold in packs of six at £12.

It is a bright and breezy day off Bideford quay as the Kathleen and May makes sail ready for sea. The blocks are banging as the foresails are hoisted and a hobblers boat casts off having warped the topsail schooner into mid channel.

The Kathleen and May was the last wooden trading topsail schooner. She was built at Connah's quay in 1900 for Captain Coppack and made her home in North Devon in 1930 when bought by Captain Jewell of Appledore. She continued trading until the early1960's but was then retired as she was no longer commercially viable. In 1999 Steve Clarke restored her to sailing condition at Brunswick Wharf in Bideford. Today she is berthed in the Albert Dock in Liverpool.