Clovelly Harbour. 'The Red Lion.'

Clovelly Harbour. 'The Red Lion.'

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A limited edition giclee print of 500. 22 x 14.5 inches approximately

This is the beautiful village of Clovelly, with limewashed cottages tumbling down to the harbour around the meandering cobbled street.

I have spent many a happy time painting in the village listening to the soft Devon dialect drifting across the harbour as fishermen chat about the day's catch.

The village nestles along the broad sweep of Bideford Bay surrounded by cliffs sheltering it from the prevailing gales. A massive 14th century harbour wall puts an all embracing arm around the harbour to further protect the cottages from the thundering Atlantic rollers, but today there is a gentle breeze rippling the water as the tide laps over the shingles with fishermens' boats pulled up under the lime kiln.

A fisherman’s wife is hanging her washing on the line slung between the beams on the balcony of Krazy Kate’s as smoke drifts lazily from the chimney. The morning sunshine reflects off the walls of the Red Lion Hotel warming the stones and cobbles as a passer-by leans on the parapet looking at the scene that has hardly changed in centuries.

I stood on this spot over the course of a couple of weeks, taking in the atmosphere of this magical place while painting this canvas, but realised when I was completing the painting in my studio that it needed a person looking out over the harbour to complete the scene. My brother was staying for the weekend so I requisitioned him to lean on our farm gate so that I could add this finishing touch!