Bideford East-the-Water 'Ha'penny wharf.'

Bideford East-the-Water 'Ha'penny wharf.'

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An open edition giclee print. 22 x 14.5 inches approximately.

I painted this scene of Ha'penny wharf on the foreshore with roses tumbling over the stone wall. There was a slipway near the white building and local people kept their boats on the beach. The building used to be a warehouse but is now a house with spectacular views of the river. Concrete sea defences have now been built, so the slipway is closed and the roses and boats are no longer.

This is Bideford East-the-Water. The ancient long bridge was walked on by the famous Elizabethan sailor Richard Grenville who had a house by the quay at the other end.

The arches of the bridge are of different sizes. One theory is that the original wood bridge was paid for by the local parishes, some could afford a big span, others could not!