Bideford 'Blackmore's Shipyard.'

Bideford 'Blackmore's Shipyard.'

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A limited edition giclee print of 495. 22 x 10 inches approximately

I painted this scene over the course of two weeks from a slipway at East-the-Water in Bideford. Blackmore’s Shipyard is the large wooden building, with Bideford and the ancient bridge across the river Torridge beyond.

As always I was accompanied by my golden retriever, Bramble. She thoroughly enjoyed cooling off by lying in the oozing mud then generously spreading it over the car, and me, on the way home!

The whole yard was built of wood, and, after it closed, was taken over by an agricultural firm before being demolished. A block of flats now stand in its place.

An unexpected background to this rural and quiet shipyard was that during the Second World War minesweepers were built there and were floated without superstructure, through the widest arch of Bideford Bridge on their way to final fitting out and to the sea.