"Beneath Beam Weir." Tarka country on the river Torridge

"Beneath Beam Weir." Tarka country on the river Torridge

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A limited edition giclee print of 495. 22 x 14 inches approximately

I painted this scene one summer. It was very peaceful by the flowing waters of the Torridge and my golden retriever, Bramble, thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the shallows and warming herself on the grassy banks.

This is the heart of Tarka country where Tarka the otter used to frolic and play in the fast running water and languid pools beneath the weir at Beam. The pool is a favourite haunt for salmon fishermen who cast their fly to drift downstream on the babbling, gurgling clear waters of the river Torridge.

In Henry Williamson's day he would have travelled over the bridge by train as it meanders along the banks of the river, crossing its tidal waters near Bideford and back and forth on its way upstream to Torrington. Tarka would have raised his head as he heard the far off whistle and watched as the rolling, drifting steam swirled across the river and up into the trees as the locomotive rumbled over the sweeping arches of the bridge. The line closed in 1982 and now the laughing cries of cyclists drift across the water from the bridge as the rails have been lifted and replaced by the Tarka trail cycle track.