Bayard's Cove Dartmouth. 'The boat trip.'

Bayard's Cove Dartmouth. 'The boat trip.'

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A limited edition giclee print of 495. 22.5 x14.5 inches approximately.

The painting is of the ancient Bayard's Cove in Dartmouth where some of the buildings are Elizabethan. The story of the painting is that the family are going for a boat trip on the Dart. The son is convinced that they are going on the smart steam yacht, whereas his older sister is more canny and knows that the trip will be on the less glamorous working boat!

This is the quay that the Pilgrim Fathers initially set sail for America. They were in two ships, the Mayflower and the Speedwell. The Speedwell sprung a leak so both ships put into Plymouth. It is said that the crew of the Speedwell had no wish to go to America and so they were the ones who caused the leaks, indeed it is also said that no further leaks occurred on their return to Chatham!! All were loaded onto the Mayflower - which then set sail alone to America and the history books. More recently the television series, the Onedin Line, was filmed in Bayard's Cove.

Alexander Philip owned 'Eva' the steam launch shown in the painting. Philips boatyard was highly respected and built many lightships, including the Helwick.They also built the last Royal Navy sailing ship just before the last war. It had no ferrous metal and was designed to carry out surveys and trials involving degaussing and magnetic fields. The hull was completed but never rigged and was broken up after the end of the war.