'Appledore Quay. Fisherman's Yarns'

'Appledore Quay. Fisherman's Yarns'

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A Limited Edition Lithographic print of 500. 22''x14.5'' (Also available as a giclee print)

I painted Fisherman's Yarns over the course of two weeks standing on the quay at Appledore. The weather that May was sunny but cold with a strong breeze blowing so the canvas was strongly fastened to the easel which was lashed to a boat and an anchor lying on the quay.

The Trinity House ensign flies proudly from the flag staff. The Bideford pilot, Vernon Harris, hoisted the ensign especially for the painting, and for the final time as the buoy store closed soon after the painting was finished.

I painted a couple of people initially, but others clearly wanted to be included and casually lent on a rail or sat on the bench. They are local fisherman and boatmen who were mending their nets and boats and yarning about the fish that got away. 

Since my painting the quay has again been widened and raised to prevent flooding on spring tides.