Bideford. 'The Country Bus'

Bideford. 'The Country Bus'

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An open edition giclee print. 22 x 14.5 inches approximately.

This is the old quay and ancient bridge at Bideford.

Until recently the scene had changed little for many a year, with fishing boats and working boats moored alongside with nets and fish baskets tumbling in disorder over the quay side. The taverns alongside the quay have looked over this bustling activity from before the days of the Armada, the stone bridge was even then a backdrop to the galleons tugging at their hemp moorings.

This bridge had been standing for some hundred years when Sir Richard Grenville would have strolled across its uneven arches from his town house on the western end.

The Lundy supply vessel, fishing boats and china clay ships still use the port although a splendid new quay with wide boulevards now replaces the old.

The country buses used to arrive and depart from here, bringing farmers and shoppers to the market town which runs along the very edge of the river sweeping up and over the surrounding hills. The bus still exists and has been beautifully restored, lads and girls still throw their fishing lines into the river and the sound of lapping water and gulls crying out over their heads will remain forever.