'On reflection.' A pony at Skern.

'On reflection.' A pony at Skern.

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A greetings card. 8 x 6 inches approximately.

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I painted this from life on the foreshore at Skern on the edge of the village of Appledore. The lifeboat house was the low building at the top of the slipway, but since then the RNLI have replaced it by an impressive two storey building. The pony was a local one as there are grazing rights over the adjacent Northam Burrows, part of which is the Royal North Devon golf course – presumably the ponies don’t do an enormous amount of good to the greens!

In the past two horses used to be stabled in one of the buildings to launch the lifeboat. When the maroons went up the horses became very excited as they knew that they would be hauling the lifeboat into the sea.

The house in the middle was the Old Customs House and I often wondered why a large window is so out of keeping with the traditional windows in the rest of the house. During another painting the owner of the house told me that, during the Second World War, a searchlight stood there to illuminate ships entering the estuary.