Bideford. 'The John Adams'

Bideford. 'The John Adams'

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An open edition giclee print. 22 x 14.5 inches approximately.

I painted this scene in 1988 from Clarence Wharf at East-the-Water Bideford. Peter Herbert had just sailed the John Adams from Ireland to this berth where he intended to restore her.  In the background is Bideford Quay with the Lundy supply vessel, the Oldenburg, moored alongside.

Peter was a great character in Bideford and Bude and had captained a large range of ships before retiring. They included the sailing ketch “Agnes.”  He had a wealth of practical knowledge about ships and the sea and it was a privilege to listen and learn from him.

The John Adams was a dock yard tender of the Irish Navy. She was one of the last of her type to be built just after the War. Earlier boats had been steam powered but she was fitted with a diesel engine.

John Adams still lies at her berth but it is unsure for how much longer as in 2018 the riverside wharfs are now being developed.