HMS Nigeria recovering her Walrus amphibian. 'Standby to recover aircraft.'

HMS Nigeria recovering her Walrus amphibian. 'Standby to recover aircraft.'

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A limited edition giclee print of 100. 22 x 14.5 inches approximately

As HMS Nigeria butts her way into the cold waters of the Barents Sea her Walrus amphibian touches down in a welter of spray. The recovery boom is slung out from the cruiser as the gunner clambers onto his precarious perch on the top wing, clinging on lest he slide backwards into the racing propeller. The launch and recovery of the Walrus was a dangerous and skilled task in the hostile Arctic waters. The cruiser would drop back from the convoy turning sharply at a speed of about fifteen knots to create a smooth slick of water for the aircraft to touch down. In less than two minutes with the roar of the engine still ringing in their ears they will have been hoisted onto the deck of the ship as she surges forward to rejoin the convoy.

Two hours before the Walrus had been launched by catapult to patrol the seas in front of the convoy in search of the tell tale streak of foam that would show that a U-boat was lying in wait.

The research for this painting took months and many who served on the convoys and flew the aircraft helped with pictures, diagrams and stories. The original hangs in the wardroom of HMS Drake at Devonport.

In his speech at the opening of the Royal Society of Marine Artists' annual exhibition Admiral Roy Clare, Director of the National Maritime Museum, said of this painting 'A fantastic painting that everyone must see'