Dartmoor ponies. 'Her first butterfly.'

Dartmoor ponies. 'Her first butterfly.'

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Half the sale price goes to the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust.

 A limited edition giclee print of 495.

Of which 100 are 20 x 16 inches approximately.  They are available on this site on a separate page and cost £75.

The remainder are 16 x 13 inches approximately and that is the print on this page. It costs £55.

My painting is of Dartmoor ponies, a stallion, his mares and foals. A young filly looks in wonder at her first butterfly resting in the sunshine by the babbling Black-a-ven Brook on Okehampton Common towards the north of the moor.

They are sturdy, beautifully proportioned ponies with a calm temperament and surefootedness which has made them both suited to the harsh conditions of the Moor and for the many tasks the moorlanders have called on them to undertake, from load carrying, working in the mines to carrying the post.

Ponies have roamed across the rugged tors and deep valleys of Dartmoor since prehistoric times leaving their hoof prints in the mud, and their descendants still roam freely leaving their hoof prints. But the pure bred Dartmoor ponies are now rare as they have been crossbred with other breeds.

I painted ‘Her first Butterfly’ to raise money for the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust in their work towards preserving this much loved but endangered breed and half of the sale price goes to the Trust. Each limited edition print is unique in the fine art world as it is accompanied by a certificate which has a hoof print of one of the Trust’s ponies and a hand print from the artist.