Hoshi and Provident

Hoshi and Provident

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A few giclee artist's proofs are available.

(The Trinity Sailing Trust no longer exists and I am presently unaware of the whereabouts of the lithographic prints. If anyone knows then please let me know.) 

In the 1990’s I painted a series of three paintings to raise money for the continued preservation of the Edwardian schooner Hoshi and the sailing trawler Provident.  This was the third painting showing Hoshi, the racing thoroughbred, and Provident the stout workhorse in company off Prawle Point close to their home port of Salcombe.  We had a magnificent sail in Provident with the wind gusting up to force 8, but a clear blue sky with scudding clouds above an azure sea.  She was built for these conditions and just leant her shoulder into the oncoming sea with hardly a judder as she butted the spray over her lee rail. 

Both the limited edition prints of Provident and also that of Hoshi sold out raising some £40,000.

Jonno Barrett wrote of this painting ‘Hoshi and Provident’: “Michael Lees’ realisation of this scene is complete: the sea rolls down on the Bolt, each grand lady moving to the wind and waves in their own distinct way. The very movement and spirit of Provident and Hoshi beating to windward together is caught so vividly that the sounds, the smells, the very joy of such a sail flood into the room.”

 Sir Robin Knox-Johnson wrote about the painting of Provident:'Michael Lees' painting shows that he is one of those rare artists who is able to capture the moods of the sea and ships"

Des Sleightholme wrote about the painting of the schooner Hoshi: “The artist has achieved a form of sorcery. The painting comes to life as you gaze at it, suddenly there is a sound of movement, the bow wave ripping aft, sails drumming, the rattle of flying spray. This is a painting that will never merge with the wallpaper, it is a painting to be lived with!"

 Hoshi: The schooner Hoshi was built by Camper & Nicholson in 1910 and owned by the Island Cruising Club in Salcombe until 2000. She was in need of a major refit and had to be sold. She was bought by Philippe Fauvéder and in 2011 underwent a major restoration at the Guip shipyard in Brest.

 Provident:In 1924 Provident was one of the last sailing trawlers to be built. In the early '30s she became a yacht and has remained one ever since, becoming the flagship of the Island Cruising Club at Salcombe in 1952. She stayed there, cruising and carrying out sail training, until joining the Trinity Sailing Trust in 1999. Regrettably the Trinity Trust closed and the Provident is for sale,